•  Elopement Photography

If there is one thing that I love to shoot is an Elopement! Elopement Photography can be so versatile. If you are a free spirit that wants to do away with traditions this might be the right thing for you and I will love to be a part of it.

The elopement is such a romantic choice. There is something so special about heading out on a little adventure with the person you love and not having to worry about anyone else or things going in a particular way. It doesnt matter what the weather is like, its all part of the fun.

elopement moors 5

I love that couples can literally decide to elope anywhere they choose – close to home, or in a very remote area. It can be just the two of them or they can bring a few friends and family along. It removes all the stress from planning a big reception but all the love and fun remain intact.

Eloping has become a lot more popular these days and I hope that you consider me as your photographer because I will love to come along and make sure to capture the essence of your love adventure.

If you book me I am yours all day! We can capture preparations, hiking, vows, celebration – anything and everything!

So how do we do this?

First, have a good browse around this website and if you get the right feeling from looking at my work, move on to the next step. Get in touch! Let’s chat – over the phone, email, WhatsApp, over coffee – your choice. Tell me your plans, let’s discuss your vision for the day and the photos that would matter most to you. Finally, to complete the booking I will need a signed contract and a deposit. From then on, we can talk as often as you want to and make all the preparations necessary.

How much would elopement photography cost?

Please head to the pricing section for more details on elopement photography options. I like to keep all my pricing simple and transparent – no hidden fees and no surprises.