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Just stop for a second to think about it. Your baby is finally here. Yes, that little bundle of joy has arrived after all this time imagining what his or her little face would look like. During these first few days you are beginning to get to know each other. If you are a new mum you are learning to do so many things. It is the most special time and as amazing as it is, it can also be overwhelming. This time of your life will occasionally be hard but it will be so special and you will not regret capturing its essence and being able to look back and remembering some of these moments. Also, as you must have heard so many people say, it goes by so quickly! I specialise in on-location newborn photography. I believe this type of photography beautifully captures the reality of having this new little baby with you. From the comfort of your own home, we will be able to create beautiful memories under natural light.

“Blanca is a true professsional. The experience of having her photograph our newborn baby couldn’t have been better. From the first e-mails to having her come to our home and handle our little one with utmost care and confidence, to the delivery of stunning pictures. She will be photographing our family for years to come!”

what is the best time to book a newborn photography session for?

The best time to book a Newborn photography session is for when the baby will be between 6 to 14 days old. During these early days babies sleep a lot and it is much easier to photograph them. However, it is ideal to make the booking early. However, births do not always happen on the expected due date so I will always do my very best to accommodate.

what happens if my baby is past the newborn stage?

If your baby is no longer a newborn, do not let this put you off. It will always be possible to capture beautiful photos of your baby regardless of how many weeks or months old he or she is.

what happens during the photoshoot?

The session will be very relaxed. We have to account for the fact that your newborn might need a nappy change, feeding, or might just get a little cranky and need some soothing, etc. Do not feel any pressure, we will wait until he or she is content and ready to go on. The session will last a minimum of two hours so that we do not feel like we need to rush through it. Mum, dad, siblings and pets are welcome to take part in the photoshoot. We will make use of natural light to ensure we capture beautiful memories of these happy times at home.

what happens after the photo shoot?

After the photoshoot is ready, it will take me approximately two weeks to get your pictures ready. I will first make a selection of the best photos. I will then edit them and upload them to your personal online gallery. You wil then be able to view all the photos, select your favourite ones and download them directly from the site.

how much will it cost?

I want you to know exactly what you will get from your investment so I have created packages that are simple and transparent – no hidden fees, no unexpected surprises. Please head to the Pricing section for more details.

so how do we do this?

Please get in touch! Once we have agreed on the details about the shoot and the date, I will require a signed contract and a deposit in order to confirm your booking. It’s that simple!

would you like to gift a Newborn Photography session to someone?

These is an amzing and thoughtful gift for anyone expecting a baby! Get in touch if you would like to gift a session to someone.