Family Photoshoot

Yes, it is true – they really grow up quickly. For how much longer will you be able to hold that chubby little hand? Do you even remember the last time they asked you for help to open the door? For how much longer will you continue to be their favourite person to suddenly become the boring parent they don’t want to listen to? We don’t know. So many changes, so many milestones, so many life events. Document your own story with a family photoshoot. It will be your legacy. Your kids will cherish it and it will be priceless.

Step into the frame. Be a part of the images. Hold each other, play together, kiss one another.

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mother and father with their baby who is looking out the window during a family photoshoot
portrait of a young girl smiling at the camera

Family Photoshoot Experience

I love to create beautiful portraits. Your input is key to creating images that are unique and that you will love.

My family sessions are relaxed, playful and intimate.

Family photo shoots take place either at your home or outdoors.

Holding the session at your home means that you will be in surroundings that are comfortable to you, where you will have everything you need at hand, and you won’t have to travel anywhere. I am comfortable shooting in all types of homes – from tiny flats to big houses. As long as we have natural light flowing in, we will capture some magic.

For outdoor locations we simply need to agree on a location that suits your vision. Think of the landscape that resonates with you the most – a park in the city? The woods? A tranquil beach?

mother and her baby on their bed smiling at each other during an at home family photography session with Blanca Anais
close up of toddlers hand playing on the table during at home photography session with Blanca Anais
portrait of a baby in the foreground and his parents kissing in the background during at home family photoshoot
black and white portrait of a baby girl and her father with noses softly touching
baby smiling and holding on to a tull canopy
girl hanging on her fathers back playfully during photoshoot
brother and sister playing on the bed suring at home family photography session
black and white portrait of a toddler laying down and supported on her elbows
girl huggin gher younger baby sister in bed
black and white portrait of mother and daughter who is smiling and covering her eye
two sphinx cats who are beloved pets at a family photoshoot
toddler playing on her bed emerging from behind a bed canopy during family photoshoot
baby sitting in between his mum and dad and looking at the camera

Family Photoshoot

Your session includes: