Maternity Photoshoot

Find out why a Pregnancy Photoshoot with me is such a unique experience.

Sometimes it takes us to grow a child within to rediscover our bodies and to be in awe of what we can do. A maternity photo shoot is a beautiful way to capture the essence of this fleeting time in your life.

I know what you are thinking – one day you wake up feeling like a fertile goddess that is growing life from within. Another day you can’t help but to focus on the imperfections of your changing body. All the insecurities take over. It can be hard. If you decide to look no further on this site, I hope that you can at least take away this message with you: capture your pregnancy. Whether you book me or another photographer, whether you decide to take selfies or to ask your partner to take the photos for you – have those images taken. You might not feel your best right now but one day you and your children will be happy you did. I will always aim to capture the beauty that perhaps you cannot see today but that you will see tomorrow.

My photography approach is very organic. I want you to feel comfortable and sometimes that means that I will give you some guidance so that you don’t feel like you don’t know what to do with yourself. But in general, it will be very relaxed. I will document these moments in the most natural and sincere way.

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Maternity Photoshoot Experience

I love to create beautiful portraits. Your input is key to creating images that are unique and that you will love.

Please don’t be shy about sharing your ideas – I am always happy to try out new things. I love images that show skin. They portray intimacy and connection. By this I mean that I am happy to photograph you with as much or as little clothing as you are comfortable with.

We can do this either at your home, an outdoor location or in the studio.

Holding the session at your home means that you will be in surroundings that are comfortable to you, where you will have your own clothes at hand, and you won’t have to travel anywhere. I am comfortable shooting in all types of homes. As long as we have natural light flowing in, we will capture some magic.

For outdoor locations we simply need to agree on a location that suits your vision. Think of the landscape that resonates with you the most – a park in the city? The woods? A tranquil beach?

For a more home-styled, intimate feel, we can shoot at my home studio. Forget about tidying up your house. The studio is set up to provide a cosy and warm vibe. It is very neutral and is filled with beautiful light. There is also a selection of dresses at your disposal if you are at a loss for what to wear. Check the Studio section for more details.

pregnant woman in a lavender field during sunset

Maternity Photoshoot

Your session includes:

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