About me

Photographer for all things love and connection

Hello you, I am Blanca Anais and I am here to provide you with a memorable experience and to capture your story in a way that will make you relive those magical life events.

portrait of photographer Blanca Anais holding her camera
A little bit about me...

Blanca Anais

I have been capturing memories for friends and family for many years, but I decided to do photography professionally since 2019. In just a few years I have had the pleasure to document so many mums-to-be, newborns, families and couples. It has been a joy!

I absolutely love photography, but I am also drawn to languages and illustration. I have a degree in Languages and Translation, and specialisations in Legal Translation and International Business. When I decided to take photography more seriously, I did countless of courses and eventually enrolled at the British Academy of Photography.

When I left my home country the power of photography became even more evident. Whenever I would feel nostalgic, these images would bring me closer to home and to my family. But I really discovered my passion after becoming a mother and feeling the need to create images that truly show the beauty of relationships.

Now you know a little bit more about me, but I would love to get to know more about you! Get in touch