•  Family Photography

Family Photography is very versatile. It is for everyone at any stage of life. Also, it is a beautiful way of capturing your children as they grow up. Similarly, it could be a very thoughtful gift for grandparents with their grandkids or maybe a Mother-daughter session.

I have a very natural and relaxed style, I mostly shoot under natural light and I aim for a photojournalistic style. In a nutshell, I want to capture your family as it is, without too much posing and enjoying being in the company of each other.

where would the photoshoot take place?

The session could take place either at your home or at an outdoor location of your preference. Just make sure its a place where all of you can relax and enjoy the session. The beautiful thing about family photography is that it is incredibly versatile and it can adapt to any idea you may have in mind!

what happens after the session?

I will first make a selection of the best photos taken. Then, I will proceed to professionally edit all of them. I will upload the photos to your own personal online gallery where you will be able to choose your favourite ones and download them directly from the site.

family photograph of mum dad and baby at a park
family photograph of mum dad and baby at a park
family photograph of mum dad and baby at a park
family portrait of mum and dad helping their little baby girl to walk
father helping his baby to walk

how much will the family photography session cost?

I want to make this simple and transparent for you. Please refer to the Pricing section to check out the different packages on offer. Details are outlined and you will know exactly what your money will get you. If you have any questions, drop us a line!

What's Next?

Please get in touch! Once we discuss the details of the photoshoot and agree on a date, I will require a signed contract and a deposit in order to confirm your booking. It is that simple!

would you like to gift a family photography session?

Gifting a family photography session can be an incredible and thoughtful gift. It is not something that will lose value in time, but on the contrary, gain it! It is an experience that not every family has lived through but that they will most certainly enjoy. Please get in touch!